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Charlie Yankos
Former Socceroo and Captain (86-90) / OAM:

“I have known Jeff for over 30 years and shared many memorable
football moments while playing for the Socceroos. His success and achievements as one of Australia's leading Socceroos’s goalkeepers didn't come easy. Hard work on the training pitch and dedication to excel at all facets of being a successful goalkeeper are traits that Jeff showed throughout his career. Long after the team would finish a training session Jeff would be still out on the pitch perfecting the specialist skills required to be at the top of his game.
Without hesitation I would say that he was the most dedicated and hardest training member of our team.  The experiences and knowledge that Jeff has gained while representing the Socceroos during two World Cup campaigns and the Olympic Games in Seoul in 1988 are extremely valuable and can be shared with aspiring young goalkeepers. There's one thing about being a good goalkeeping coach, but there is another thing having "been there and done" that at the highest level of the game. With this background Jeff has the best qualifications
to be a mentor as well as a coach to assist all young goalkeepers to achieve their potential and sporting aspirations.”

Paul Wade
Former Socceroos Captain/ OAM:

"Jeff was once the most capped Australian Goalkeeper (54 appearances) a mantle that will not be forgotten. It was a time in Australian Football when players lost their jobs in order to follow the dream of being a Socceroo. That dream lasted for 6 years and included 2 World Cup Campaigns and 1 Olympic Games. It was Sacrifice and Commitment that drove him then and still drives him today. He commanded his 18 yard box with what can only be described as the sound of an angry Walrus. It was rare indeed to see anybody come off a training ground before him. He understood the pressure of expectation and made  every effort to minimize mistakes thus the 54 appearances. To be ranked one of the best keepers in Australian Football History it is an honour to be in his presence and will be a privilege to gain his knowledge. If you want to get to the top, then fast track it with ‘The Walrus’."

When interviewed by the Four Diego’s Paddy Kisnorbo (Currently playing in 1st Division - England) said:

“Training every day would be the major reason and being part of a professional squad has made all of the difference. I also think that having coaches that believe in you and are prepared to give you a go helps a lot. I’m grateful to Jeff Olver for that."





Jon Giaan Northcote City Junior Football Club:

"It's an absolute privilege to have Jeff at the club. As a goalkeeper myself, I wanted to create the best environment for goalkeepers to grow and develop. By having Jeff at the club, we're now looking forward to creating goalkeepers of the highest
possible standard in the state."

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